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Local Egg Delivery Service: FAQs

Looking for local farm fresh eggs? What started as a simple idea has turned into a growing local egg delivery service for Portland, Gallatin, and Hendersonville, TN from our small farm (kind of like that old-school milkman vibe). Get your questions answered here!

Hey, y'all!

We figured it was a good idea to have a comprehensive guide and FAQ section for our local egg delivery service.

Get all the answers you need for when you sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Sign Up For Egg Delivery?

You can visit this page to receive a sign-up link!

Note: Our subscriptions are currently sold out, but we are partnering with another local farm that we trust to expand our capacity until we have our new hens start laying this year. Send us a message at to learn more about this program.

How Much Are Your Eggs?

Current pricing is $7/dozen.

When Do You Deliver?

Delivery days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. We assign everyone a time based on when they sign up, but those are estimates based on the route each week.

You can typically expect your eggs anywhere from 7am-10am on your assigned day.

Note: Delivery times may vary depending on the weather as well. We keep everyone posted when things have to shift (e.g., there's icy roads).

Where Do You Deliver Your Eggs?

Right now, we deliver to Portland, Gallatin, and Hendersonville, TN.

What Do Your Chickens Eat?

We feed our chickens a high-quality feed from a local feed mill in Lebanon, TN.

Why Do My Eggs All Look Different?

Our farm fresh eggs come ungraded and are from hens of varying ages and breeds. Because of that, you could end up with smaller eggs, larger eggs, eggs with thicker blooms, and eggs of beautiful/different colors.

We also leave the blooms intact, so you'll see a variation of colors before you wash your eggs to eat them.

Do The Eggs Come Washed?

We do not wash our eggs before putting them in cartons. This leaves the protective bloom intact so that bacteria cannot enter the egg. (Nature is pretty cool!)

Because of this, your eggs should be good on your counter for at least 2 weeks.

You can always refrigerate them if you feel more comfortable. Just don't refrigerate them and then decide to put them back on your countertop.

Note: If you receive eggs during the colder months and bring them from the cold outside into the warm inside, make sure that your eggs don't start to sweat. If they do start to develop moisture on the outside of the eggs, place them in the refrigerator so you don't risk a compromised bloom.

Why Buy Local Eggs?

Local eggs tend to be more nutrient-rich, dense, and fresher than store-bought eggs.

When you buy locally, you are also supporting local farmers and their families.

How Do I Know My Eggs Are Fresh?

We do not sell eggs that are more than a week and a half old and put a date on the bottom so you know exactly when they were laid.

However, if you bring your eggs home, leave them on your counter, and need to test their freshness, you can always use the water glass test.

Why Are My Eggs Different Colors?

Different breeds lay different colored eggs! We think this is so fun and special, so you could end up with a whole rainbow in your egg carton.

What Are These Rough Spots On My Eggs?

Every once in a while, you'll see some calcium deposits on the outside of eggs. These eggs are perfectly safe to eat and usually come from our older hens.

Are Your Hens Given Any Antibiotics?

We do not give our chickens antibiotics or any other medication that makes egg consumption an issue.

We treat our chickens with all natural remedies when we need to. This includes things like oregano, red pepper flakes, carrots, mustard greens, and a mineral blend for emergencies.

Any topical products we apply are also natural.

Why Is There A White Spot On The Yolk?

Because we have a mixed flock — roosters and hens — we consider all of our eggs fertilized. If you crack an egg open and see a white spot in the middle of the yolk, that just confirms that the egg was indeed fertilized.

Fertilized eggs are totally safe and don't taste any different.

Let Us Know If You Have Questions

We hope this page helps answer any questions you may have! As always, reach out if you have a particular concern or just want to learn more. We are always happy to chat!

The Mercers

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